Anna Bean – Photographic Artist

Anna Bean

I have always loved being creative. I am most happy when I am engaged in making things; this for me is a truly positive activity. I work as a freelance photographic artist and I also work as a lecturer in Photography, Art and Design at the Hull College School of Creative Arts, Park Street.

I create surreal constructed photographic images inspired by old masters, cult films, fairy stories and TV from my childhood. I collaborate with friends and family who star in my photographs as fantastical and sometimes grotesque characters. I also create digital montages re-imagined from vintage photographs.

I have for years admired and been inspired by the creative practitioners within Hull. I am thrilled with the current momentum and amount of cultural activity taking place within the city in the build up to 2017. I love that creative minds are moving into the city rather than moving away. I am excited that motivated young people are beginning to choose to stay here rather than move away because of potential opportunities available within the cultural sphere.

A light is being shone onto to the idea that cultural activity in all its forms can offer an escape from, or alternative to, the routine of everyday existence. Art and Culture has the power to transform. Confidence and a belief in yourself and others have the power to transform. Things are changing and I think the change is good.

Anna Bean

The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:

Photo © Quentin Budworth

I have been a big fan of Anna’s work for many years and I am delighted that she has allowed me to feature one of her photographic art pieces on the Changing Face website Mid Summer Dream.

midsummer dream


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