The Warren

The thing that struck me about The Warren when I was invited to take portraits was the openess and friendliness of the staff, volunteers and young people.

The Warren gets up to 100 people through its doors each day and offers a range of services, which include childcare, music and arts programmes, and counselling sessions, to young people in the city. Unfortunately the charity that faces an uncertain future because of severe funding cuts.

Drug abuse, sexual health, mental health issues and homelessness are just a few issues tackled at The Warren Young People’s Project. Put bluntly, there are people who would not be alive today, had it not been for the city centre charity. Portraits of Emma Wilkinson, Daniel Bird, Wesley Harman, Sam Vine, Louise Thompson, Matt, Christian Wilding, Komal Kurshid, Nimo Deria, Nana Marshall, Ysabelle Wombwell, Craig Moody, Heidi Victoria Ireland, Lisa Harrison Wegner.


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