::Si2:: – Hull Graffiti

Hull Graffiti artist ::Si2:: talks about his life and work in his own words…


Hull born, East Park raised I had drawn since I could hold a pencil and became a teen as the American Hip hop culture came to the Uk  and gripped. I was crap at breakdancing,was no rapper or DJ so graffiti art was the obvious way to be part of the raw, growing street culture.

Along with a small crew of friends and stolen car paint we were first to aerosol graffiti as an art in the city back in 1985/6.Spray paint is a very hard medium to use and my friends lost interest, looking back I’m amazed I had the patience to stick with it myself at that age, I carried on myself for a couple of years and then was lucky enough to become friends with an established graffiti writer D’lite from London crew ‘Essex Rockerz Foundation’ who opened my eyes to the bigger picture of Graffiti in the UK and inspired me to stick with it and make contacts around the country and to this day I’m still a member of legendary northern crew ‘Third Teem Kingz’ ( TTK ) based in Newcastle.

I’d like to think I went onto inspire some of the next generation of artists from Hull who in turn have done the same.Graffiti has always suffered from bad press and I have tried to portray it to people outside the culture, especially in Hull, as something positive.Personally  it has never been about causing damage but making our enviroment more interesting and colourful and after years of practice I hope my works at a quality that nobody can deny it’s artistic merit.I paint for fun and as a profession worked on too many commissions,events,workshops to name and prefer to let my work speak for me and I hope to play a part in the City of culture representing my artform that is now a rich,vibrant  global movement that deserves celebration ! The photo taken here is done for my friend at ‘Robbies Rehersals’ on Hedon road





The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:


Photos © Quentin Budworth

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