HANA – Humber All Nations Alliance

Early in january I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Hana office with Brigitta, Anita Bollane,Greta Fedkina and Irina Cukura. These ladies are rightly proud of their national identity and roots and wanted to show off their national costumes. The light was fading fast so I had to work quickly to get thier portraits. We laughed a lot making the images and had a mini fashion shoot in the street outside the HANA buildings. 

HANA stands for Humber All Nations Alliance composed of 50 different community groups and associations from various religious groups ( Orthodox Church, Christian Fellowship, The Mosque, Hindu Cultural Association, African, Indian, Eastern European, Chinese, Iranian, Greek and other diverse groups.

HANA members are groups and individuals from black and minority ethnic (BME) and migrant communities and others who share our aims. Since 2002 HANA have been aiming to promote the well-being of black and minority ethnic (BME) communities throughout Hull and the Humber.

HANA do this by providing a voice and advocating on their behalf and by representing their interests in a range of influential or decision-making contexts, as well as running a variety of services and activities which brings and builds relationships between communities and service providers.

Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA) is a registered charity No. 1116725, and a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales No. 05450237 governed by local people.


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