The Carnegie Heritage Center

The Carnegie Heritage Centre is a resource that can be accessed by people with an interest in both Local and Family history. The centre has an amazing wealth of data about Hull’s history and people’s memories of it.

The enthusiastic volunteers spend hours cataloguing old and new data and are always on hand to help visitors with their queries.

People are welcome to come in and look at the books, maps, box files etc. whether it be for individual study, family history research or just curiosity.

The Centre is the home of a thriving community of people who are passionate about Hull and it’s history. I had a call out of the blue – an invitation to visit them after they had seen an article about the project in the local paper. I hope that I have done them justice in my portraits of them. If you time your visit right you will be offered mid afternoon tea and biscuits. If you have the ear and the time to listen you will certainly leave wiser and more knowledgeable about Hull’s past and the change that has happened within living memory within the city.

Portraits of Elizabeth Shepherd, Sheila Coates, Carol West, David Ostler and Colin Booth.


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