As part of The Changing Face of Hull Project I worked on several mini residencies within communities to create portraits in places central to people’s lives and sense of identity within the city. Some of these communities like Open Doors Hull act as a lifeline for individuals and others like Case training and the Carnegie Heritage Center act as places of learning and social interaction. I undertook an extended residency with the Open Door Project.

Open Doors Hull
Case Training
HANA – Hull All Nations Alliance
The Polish Community Center
The Rise Academy at St. Michaels Church
The Warren
The Carnegie Heritage Centre
The New Kurdish School

What struck me as a common link between all the communities I visited was the humanity respect and support that the members of these communities had for each other. Another thing that was apparent was the desire that everyone had to improve life in the city for others and themselves. It is this spirit of openness, altruism and generosity that marks Hull out as a truly remarkable place to live and work.

On a deeper level working with these organisations and the individuals within them has forced me to consider issues of social cohesion, individuality, difference, community and unity. The more I think about and reflect on these experiences the more I think that together we share  common bonds like language, place and purpose we are all a part of Hull and it’s constantly changing face.


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