The Rise Academy

A school hosted by St Michael & All Angels Church for children who are new to the UK but aged 15-16 with English as a second language played host for a Changing Faces workshop. What struck me immediately about these youngsters was there very real sense of purpose and determination to succeed as adults. Aspirations ranged from being a doctor to being a car mechanic but what was that they knew that they had to work hard to succeed and were prepared to do so. When I asked some of them what they liked best about coming to school they said that it was the food and the warmth in the school. They liked Hull though some thought it was a bit quiet!

It is so difficult for our school system to accomodate these youngsters in Hull due to the public examination system and the pressure on schools to produce good results. The work that is going on with these youngsters is truly remarkable.

Portraits of Mathew, Maviola Adam, Rita, Anna, Gromya, Kargier, Daina, Agata, Niphatthra, Vladislavs, Angelina, Aelita, Alma, Mauelie.


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