Open Doors – Hull

I was welcomed into Open Doors Hull by project manager Bashir and this was to be one of the most challenging and interesting environments to work in.

open door 529

Open Doors Hull aims to work with asylum seekers both who got asylum claims on and turned down and become destitute. To support refugees, enabling them to integrate into the local society and live independent and confident life successfully. The project offers a light breakfast,  small ammounts of cash Support, food parcels, free clothes, free music and English (ESOL) classes, immigration and benefit advice and support (British Red Cross) and
support for migrant workers.

Open Doors Hull gets extremely busy every thursday morning with as many as 100 clients and volunteers in the building the portraits were made as  within the Princes Avenue Methodist Church building in Hull and it’s grounds.

Photographs are of staff. volunteers and clients at the Open Doors Hull incuding Bashir (above) Cecil (featured portrait) Judy Akazue, Bala Mirtham, K Wang Li, Farid Yahiadui, Wanyu Flora, Sawsan Awad Mohammed Ali, Rokhaya Pouge, Margaret Solanke, Hamed Nejati, and David Emmanuel Koye. Some of the portraits made at the centre are only available to see at the exhibition.

Tow of the volunteers at the Open Doors Hull  Dr Jeff Morgan and Peter Harding are pictured below.


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