Martin Green – Chief Executive Hull UK City of Culture 2017

It seems like an age since I stood in the biting late January wind with Martin Green, on the Scale Lane Bridge also known as The Millennium Bridge in Hull – I  recall we spoke of the bridge as Martin’s favourite place in Hull as it allows you to see so many different aspects of Hull from one vantage point, Here he talks about life in the City in his own words.

‘I am a new arrival to Hull, exploring it simultaneously as a place to live and work.  There is no doubt that Hull is driving itself into the perfect storm.  Our cultural scene is growing, new Businesses both large and small are opening here and the Northern voice grows ever louder.  We are no longer at the end of the road, but the beginning of it. As a new resident one notices that Hull is a city of bridges – literal and metaphorical.  Scale Lane Bridge is one of my favourites.  As you look out from it in every direction you are unmistakably in Hull.  It’s a modern, challenging piece of architecture that speaks of the future but references the past, which I see as the core goal for everything we will do together as UK City of Culture 2017’.

Martin Green Hull City Of Cuture

 The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:

Photo © Quentin Budworth


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