Mini Changing Face of Hull Exhibition At Open Doors Project

The Open door mini exhibition will remain in situ and be added to as the project progresses and develops. The Changing Face Of Hull Exhibition shows portraits of the people of Hull from diverse backgrounds and communities – ‘a must see exhibition’ (Hull City of Culture) at Hull Central Library on until 30th April.


Alan Azad Ahmad – The New Kurdish School Hull

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I was born in Kurdistan in Sulaymaniyah and when I came to England I spoke no English it took me a few months to learn English at School – we left Kurdistan because my dad wanted us to have a safe and better life he really valued education and that’s why we came to England.
What I like about Hull is that it is a very simple life – I’m hoping the city becomes more multicultural  and that people come to understand each other better.  I came with my dad and my brother to England 15 years ago – I went to Henry Cooper School I made many friends there and that is what keeps me here.
I am very excited about the City of Culture and hope it will make Hull more like Manchester, Liverpool or Sheffield.
It is my dream to have a very successful business but it’s a hard to place to grow a business but I’m still hoping to try again in the future.
Dilzar is a good friend of mine and a great musician and he said to me why don’t we start a Kurdish School for the community. We tried to consult the community but it was hard to please everyone because of political differences. So we decided to ask The Warren if they would host the school – and they said they would give us one day a week and now we have 65 children registered with us.
We want to teach the children the good things about our culture and knowledge of their roots. Our aim is to educate the children and to share our culture with other communities – we stick to geography, music and language and we steer clear of politics and religion our aim is to promote a positive image of Kurdistan for our children and the greater of community of Hull.

I am happily married and have two sons who I am very proud of.

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The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:

Photo © Quentin Budworth

Rick Welton

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I grew up in Hull. My dad was a fruit importer with a warehouse in Humber Street where I spent many Saturday mornings and holidays barrowing boxes of apples and oranges about. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the arts scene since I came back here after university as administrator of Hull Arts Centre in 1969. The first play when the arts centre opened in a converted church hall in Spring Street was Alan Plater’s ‘Don’t Build a Bridge, Drain the River’ with music by The Watersons and Michael Chapman. Hull actor Barrie Rutter was in the company then so it was great to meet him again last week in the foyer of Hull Truck after his performance of King Lear. The changes that are coming to the Fruit Market and to the city are momentous and so exciting. I love the new can-do spirit that’s around. It’s the spirit that made Amy Johnson, Hull’s aviator heroine, such an amazing pioneering woman. Hull’s taking flight and flying high just as she did!

 The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:

Photo © Quentin Budworth