Changing Faces Workshop Day

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There is a special day of photography workshops with the Changing Face Of Hull on Saturday 7th February at the Hull International Photography Gallery, Princes Quay Hull. 
Portrait workshop for pre-teens on Saturday 7th February at the Hull International Photography Gallery, Princes Quay Hull. Timings 10-30 to 12.00. Just bring your digital camera and some of your favourite toys, hats or things from your favourite hobby and we’ll learn how to take great portraits. £3.00 to cover HIP club membership subs. (Children’s session event hosted by the HIP Club) – Tutor Quentin Budworth
Sefie Me! – Mobile phone portraiture workshop – For Adults and accompanied children on Saturday 7th February at the Hull International Photography Gallery, Princes Quay Timings: 1.00pm to 3.00pm. the most common camera’s on the planet are in mobile phones – in this workshop learn how to get the most from your mobile device and make great self portraits. Free –  Tutor Rebecca Robyns
Portraits For People with Cameras – For Adults and accompanied children on Saturday 7th February at the Hull International Photography Gallery, Princes Quay Timings: 3-30 to 5.00pm. For people who want to take portraits with a digital camera this practical workshop will help you improve your photography. Free – Tutor Quentin Budworth
Advanced booking necessary to reserve your place. Email  your details and which workshop you wish to attend to . The Changing Face of Hull is funded by the Arts Council, Hull City Arts and Host for the day Hull International Photography Gallery.

Graham Beck – artist, musician and performer

Graham Beck

Graham Beck – In his own words…
I first came to Hull as an art student, back in 1973, not knowing what Hull was like – my tutor had seen a programme on The Land Of Green Ginger, & said it looked a nice place. Reality seemed a bit different at first! Still, I got to like the place, formed an art college band (Ruby & The Takeaways) with Eric Goulden, who later became Wreckless Eric. We played upstairs at The Bull on Beverley Road, every Thursday night, from 1975-76. They were great times, & I even managed to get my degree in Fine Art! I went up to Newcastle University (teaching qualification), & then lived in London for 12 years, as a (struggling) musician & ‘entrepreneur’.

I arrived back in Hull in 1988, & have been here ever since. It’s definitely changing for the better (there have certainly been some huge changes since I was a student). It has a uniqueness which is hard to define when you live here, but the people are what make it. Sure, there are parts of Hull that need ‘looking at’ & revamping – we must be careful that it doesn’t lose it’s character because of all the redevelopment. Things have to move on, though.
These are difficult times, where budgets are tight & wages even tighter. Let’s hope that 2017 City Of Culture turns out to be all that’s promised, & that there IS a lasting legacy for the city. In the meantime, I’ll carry on being a musician………

Graham has two gigs coming up before the end of the year they are at Sewerby Hall Dec. 21st. & Adelphi Dec. 30th.

Here is Graham’s contact sheet he was absolutely marvellous to photograph and I’m looking forwards to photographing him again in the near future.

You can find out more about Graham here or see him perform online here

Andy Richardson – Music Promoter

Today’s Changing Face is Andy Richardson. Andy was one of the participants at the Hull International Photography Gallery last  friday – here he speaks about Hull In his own words – which are remarkable … 
 Andy Richardson - Workshop Participant HIP Gallery
‘I began promoting music in Hull in 1997 with the world music collective Hot City Beats. Our first gig was the Ghanaian band Ifang Bondi at the Adelphi Club, about four weeks into the bright dawn of New Labour. I was hooked and have spent the last seventeen years as a promoter and agent working locally regionally nationally and internationally.
 During that period there has been, since 1999, one constant factor – Wreckless Eric, my teenage hero. We have done four national tours together over the years and today we come together again to launch the Hull Music Archive – a project close to my heart. So how has Hull changed over this period? I didn’t think the Blairite years were a great time for the arts in Hull – maybe the ready availability of public funding weakened what to me is Hull’s artistic strength – the underground.
The coalition cuts have wreaked great damage on the people of Hull but in the arts I sense a renaissance: new venues & promoters, galleries, radio stations, record labels, collaborations and people pulling together to make things happen – with or without funding. My hope in the run up to 2017, and beyond, is that there will be thriving underground scene once more in place – inspiring, leading and taking chances. And once more ‘it will never be dull in Hull’.
Wreckless Eric is playing at the Adelphi Club in Hull tonight. (10-12-2014)
And just for fun a contact sheet from the shoot …

You can actually see the point at which I say to Andy ‘So tell me about Eric?’

Sydell Faith The Early Bird Eater

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Meet one of our first ‘Changing Faces’  blogger of Hull life…. Ms Sydell Faith – ‘The Early Bird Eater’ here she talks about her life in Hull in her own words…

Hello my name is Sydell I created The Early Bird Eater around two years ago. The Early Bird Eater has turned my life from something quite normal into something I could not have expected. Creatively I feel free and people really embrace what I am about Hull’s creative culture and people make me what I am today.
Food is my way of expression and I love that there is variation I go to the butchers veg shop and a place to buy spices and create. Food is my whole life giving food to people is a pleasure sharing what I cook on social media via my blogs/articles and other means is really exciting too.

 The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:

Photo © Quentin Budworth

Workshop – Call to participate – The Changing Face Of Hull

The Changing Face of Hull project will be offering a chance to participate in a photography workshop and portrait sitting at the opening of Hull International Photographers Gallery on friday the 5th December between 6-30 and 8-00pm.

The workshop will be exploring ideas of self, city and shared identity.
The Gallery is located in Princes Quay in Hull. Come along in your favourite clothes or ones that have meaning for you and bring along some significant objects to participate.

For more information on The Changing Face Of hull visit or call lead artist Quentin Budworth on 07877434739 To join The Changing Face Of Hull mailing list email: