Bashir Siraj – Open Doors Project

 open door 529 A2

I  work for Open Doors Project, set up by Princes Avenue Methodist Church in the year 2000. We  welcome  and support asylum seekers, refugees to help them exploring and enabling them to play a full positive role in our society.

My role is to make sure the activities of the Open Doors run smoothing, coordinate with our diverse team of volunteers, the members of Open Doors Management Committee, working partners, supporters and make sure the needs of our clients are met as much as possible.

The things I like about living in Hull are the people, the geography of the area, the city centre, museums and the central library.

The challenges facing people from different cultures in Hull are around confidence building, making progress in their careers, social integration  and sometimes in certain area of hull, racism or less acceptance.

Over the years people are becoming more welcoming to new arrival from all over the world , becoming multicultural society.

By having my portrait taken I am showing my solidarity, presence, belonging  and support to the various development initiatives taking place in our city.

I would like to see greater social cohesion, people working together, more jobs and a diverse  approach  and policy in the organisations and agencies of our city and a clean, safe and environmentally  friendly place to live.

The Changing Face Exhibition preview event is happening on April the 2nd you can book tickets for it by following this link:

To see more images from the Open Doors Project residency follow this link to visit the Open Doors Project website follow this link

Photos © Quentin Budworth


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